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Pure edutainment. Heady, ass-schooling lyrics over dope ass beats that sound like no other. Regenerate your headpiece.

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Hip-Hop Poppycock - Silly Rhymes and Funky Beats
The Truth Behind Covid - Told Through Hip-Hop
Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Making Beats Live - Sampling Old White Lady Records - Yamaha SU700, LIVESTREAM #3 Highlights
I'm in Love with a Bot - featuring DramatiX - a robocall love story
I'm Addicted to my Phone - Song & Claymation
Sky Mall Catalog - Theme Song by HEADSNACK®
Making Beats Live (Fun Flow) - Akai XR20, Yamaha SU700 - LIVESTREAM #2 Highlights
Back from Intermission - by Headsnack
My Favorite Song (Animal Style Remix) - by HEADSNACK featuring PLASMIC
Conquer The Markets - CTM - Jordan’s Theme Song
Sky Mall Catalog - Theme Song by HEADSNACK®
CRUSH IT - by Headsnack & Primo Sol
Google Knows by HEADSNACK® featuring PLASMIC
Antisocial Networking Song
Do the Klutz - by HEADSNACK
Alternative Facts - by Headsnack
HEADSNACK & Primo Sol "Three Horned Chorale" vaporwave instrumental
Mischief Night song - Headsnack & Primo Sol
Cloud Storage Wars by HEADSNACK
Phantasm Theme Remix by HEADSNACK
Headsnack's SECRET HANDSHAKE...IT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!
Eventide H910 Dual - Official Theme Song
Headsnack & Primo Sol "Micro Vibe", Miami Vice Theme style music