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Headsnack Lands a Right Hook

Headsnack is proud to release "Right Hook" as the next single from "Too Small to Cancel". Right Hook is a wordplay bonanza and has 2/3rds of RHP as DJ Exfyl lends dope cuts throughout.

The single features a super dope drum n' bass remix by Nerdicus as well as three unreleased tracks:

Thermodynamite - a hyped up funky ass track featuring Cheese and Pot-C that was created only a few weeks before this release hit the streets.

Bad News - a song from the archives recorded back in 2016 that has three back-to-back 8-bar verses by Cliff Horse, Headsnack and Bonafide.

Meteor Crater - a concept song (also recorded in 2016) featuring Cliff Horse and Bonafide with production by Headsnack & Old Yist.

Please be sure to check out the video as well!


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