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Headsnack Vinyl & Cassettes are Here!


We're pleased to announced the long-awaited release of Headsnack's album "Too Small to Cancel" on 12" clear, lathe-cut vinyl and silver cassettes!

The vinyl is a 45rpm, 8-track version of the album. It can be purchased on Bandcamp or direct for $40 by using this Venmo code:

The cassette version has 11 tracks (includes 1 bonus track from a previous release). It can also be purchased on Bandcamp for $14 or direct by using this Venmo code:

The ultimate fan bundle includes both the limited edition vinyl and silver cassette tape. It can be purchased for $50 by using this Venmo code:

Remember; if you subscribe to a streaming service, please add the album to your library! Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, Tidal or any of your favorite platforms! As always, you can download the album and liner notes for free from BlocSonic!


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