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It's C-Doc Again w/ The Butcher Bros...and Headsnack

Public Enemy cohort, C-Doc, has a weekly live talkshow on YouTube in which he interviews heads of hip-hop culture fame. The series predominantly focuses on "Golden Age Hip-Hop" emcees, deejays, label executives, promoters and podcasters.

Last night's episode featured Joe and Phil Nicolo (The Butcher Bros) and it is a must-see for fans of Ruff House Records (The Fugees, Cypress Hill, Kris Kross, The GOATS, Schooly D). Joe and Phil riff and rant with hilarious stories from their past, including the question that everybody wants to know "Did Kris Kross steal the idea for "Jump" from House of Pain?"

Hardcore Headsnack fans may recognize the name of Phil Nicolo as the mastering engineer for 2018's "Secret Handshake" album, released on Phil's label, Phil's Records. Phil has also garnered mastering credits for Headsnack's forthcoming album which features "Hip-Hop Poppycock", a song with C-Doc. To bring everything full circle, Headsnack was asked to join in on the Zoom-style chat at 1:39:20 into the episode. Watch Headsnack's appearance here, or the full episode below.


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