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Hip-Hop, Soul, and Quarantine

Recently Headsnack was fortunate enough to participate in an intelligent discussion about hip-hop and music production. For those that don't know, Headsnack is an official artist of Eventide Audio. This local NJ company (a world-wide revered audio effects legend) has been doing an amazing job of outreach within the music community during the current pandemic.

I sat back and listened for most of the talk, but you can hear some real jewels dropped by the likes of Paul "Willie Green" Womack (Premrock), Nick Hook (Run the Jewels), Willie Brooks (Dalek), Elbee Thrie & Aja Grant (Phony Ppl), C-Doc (Public Enemy), Brian "Bchaps" Chippinelli, Patrick Flores, and Donavon Bryan. These cats are all super talented and I encourage you to check for their music.


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